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Curriculum Vitae

James Duffy is an artist who now works predominantly with programming, production and curation. Based in Sweden, James is originally from the UK. He studied Fine Art Practice at Goldsmths College, London, before moving to Gothenburg for his Masters in Fri Konst at HDK-Valand.

Beginning his career working as a technician on sporting and cultural events, James progressed into more organisational and managerial roles which culminated at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He has travelled extensively in his career including spending two years in Edinburgh, installs in China, and a return to Scotland contributing to the opening of Dundee’s V&A Museum and its permanent displays.

Upon moving to Gothenburg in 2018, he quickly became involved in art projects like Kiosken, and once completing his studies, he became a director of Kolgruvan, a coworking and project space, where he remains. Kolgruvan focusses on facilitating and hosting creative workers from the city, providing a playground in which to realise projects and ambitions  that contribute to the cultural development of Gothenburg. Still working as an artist, Kolgruvan is a place for James to bring together his knowledge and experience In producing and programming projects, both as a part of his practice and in collaboration with other cultural producers.

2022 will see James continuing to also work with Göteborg Konstmuseum on their upcoming exhibitions and projects, but focussing much more on curation and exhibition design, both with the museum and freelance. This, he views, as part of his career development and something he will be turning towards much more on in the coming years. 

A highly engaged individual with over ten years of experience working in organisational and technical roles for exhibitions, theatres and educational institutions. Experienced in a range of skills such as art handling, installing both large scale pieces and smaller displays, fitting audio equipment and vinyl preparation/application. Capable of exhibition planning, designing and overseeing logistics including creating and implementing risk assessments and method statements. Adept at exhibition writing and proficient in finding business and sourcing materials and services. Comfortable both in a busy team with intense physical activity but also performing with independent motivations. 



Masters in Fri Konst


Gothenburg, Sweden



Bachelors in Fine Art Practice

Goldsmiths College

University of Arts, London, UK




Colchester Institute

Colchester, UK




Gothenburg, Sweden

2020 - 


Notable Projects & Collaborations:


All Spit No Polish

Inside Out

Garage Film


Göteborg Konstmuseum,

Gothenburg, Sweden

2018 - 

Notable Projects & Exhibitions:

Play 2022

Albert Edelfeldt 2022

Barbro Ostlihn 2022

Sandra Mujinga 2022

Ingrid Vang Nyman 2021

Team Support Technician

Victoria and Albert Museum

London, UK

2016 - 2018

Notable Projects & Exhibitions:

Courier Trips in the UK including Dundee leading a team on the installation of new V&A site.

Courier trip abroad to China for installation of exhibition.

Responsible for Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Installation of large scale artworks.

Responsible for logistics and storage of works of art.

Exhibitions and Crew Supervisor

Goldsmiths College,

London, UK

2015 - 2017

Notable Projects & Exhibitions:

Relocation of MFA Programme 

Bachelor and Master Programme Degree Shows

Construction of new Exhibition spaces in New Cross church.

Removal from New Cross baths in preparation for New Cross Gallery


Photography and Studio Assistant

Prolighting LTD,

London, UK

2015 - 2016

Notable Projects & Clients:

Construction of new warehouses.


Victoria Beckham

Mario Testino 

Graphics Technician

McRobb Display,

Edinburgh, UK

2014 - 2016

Notable Projects & Clients:

Edinburgh Book, Art, Comedy Festival.

Scotland Highland Show

Scottish National Museum

Scotland's Air Museum

2012 - 2018

London Olympics 2012 - Technician

Thriller Stage Show - Technician

Royal Polo Tournament - Technician

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament - Technician


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