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Why I can't make the things i plan to make (2018)

Project Manager /
Art Direction /

James Duffy is an artist who now works predominantly with production and curation. Based in Sweden, James is originally from the UK. He studied Fine Art Practice at Goldsmiths College, London, before moving to Gothenburg for his Masters in Fri Konst at HDK-Valand.

​His education is underpinned by extensive experience working in technical and organisational roles in museums, universities and other arts venues and institutions. James is currently a co-director at Kolgruvan, a coworking and project space on Ringön, Gothenburg. Kolgruvan aims to develop cross boundary exchange between disciplines in the cultural and creative industries of the city.

​Independently, James continues to write, and produce performances and video. His research is concerned with the manufacture of cultural identities, specifically in relation to ritual, tradition and social constructs. Using collage as a methodology, and informed by queer and feminist strategies, James searches for novel ways to read histories, aiming to rupture how we interact and counteract ideas of cultural identity today. James has participated in talks, conferences and exhibitions on this subject. Currently, he is working on a touring lecture series entitled Eek: Gender Archetypes on Victorian Postcards. You can find more on this here.

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